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THE HEALING ARTS | Life Coaching

In 2009, Kelly Richey began her journey to become a Life Coach, gaining certifications as a Dream Coach and True Purpose Coach. As a life coach, Kelly helps clients find their path into wholeness and discover things that get in their way. These focused sessions are rich with insight and inspiration. Kelly applies her dynamic style, thoughtful intensity, and structured approach to provide a safe yet challenging space for clients to move past their comfort zone and explore new possibilities on the road to discovering their true purpose.

Life Coaching Tools & Processes

Focused, one-to-one life coaching sessions with Kelly are rich with self-discovery, insight, and inspiration. She applies her dynamic style, thoughtful intensity, and structured approach to provide a safe yet challenging space for you to move past your comfort zone and explore new possibilities. 

True Purpose Coach

As an essential element of her life coaching practice, Kelly takes clients through a process designed to help individuals identify the specific obstacles that hold them back from doing what they truly love. Each of us has a unique purpose in life, something we were most designed to do and to be. Living a life of true purpose requires self-discovery, commitment, and a willingness to grow. Personal growth invites us to move past our comfort zone and explore new possibilities. For years I mistook talent for purpose; our purpose is what we do with our talents.

Dream Coach

Another central practice of Kelly’s life coaching is Dream Coaching. Kelly uses a proven ten-session method that provides the tools to live a deeply satisfying life. The dream coach process is a fun and fascinating way of learning how to identify your goals. It also shows you exactly what steps to take to ensure that your goals and dreams don’t vanish into thin air, but instead become laser-focused into reality.

Voice Dialogue

What is Voice Dialogue? Voice Dialogue is one of the most powerful tools Kelly uses as a life coach to help clients transform the parts of their psyche; the Inner Critic, the Saboteur, the Procrastinator, the Inner Child, the Controller; and the list goes on. We all have parts within us that are not aligned with our goals for personal transformation. Through Voice Dialogue facilitation, clients can discover and transform resistant parts and bring inner harmony to their lives.



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