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Professional Coaching

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. It can be tough to figure out next steps or a broader purpose, cope with day-to-day challenges, or find balance in our work life. And sometimes, you need a more objective ear than your friends and family can provide.

It can take a challenging and supportive external voice to help us find and hear our own powerful internal voice and/or the sacred voice of the divine. Kelly’s personal experiences, along with her extensive training, equip her to support you as you go via focused one-to-one professional coaching services.

One-to-One Session Options

Your journey of exploration and revelation can take several forms. Kelly’s own experience of self-discovery, along with her extensive professional coaching training, equip her to support you as you go. There are two primary ways to work with Kelly one-to-one, and both can take place virtually or in person:



In 2009, Kelly Richey began her journey to become a Life Coach, gaining certifications as a Dream Coach and True Purpose Coach, As a life coach, Kelly helps clients find their path into wholeness and discover things that get in their way. These focused sessions are rich with insight and inspiration. Kelly applies her dynamic style, thoughtful intensity, and structured approach to provide a safe yet challenging space for clients to move past their comfort zone and explore new possibilities on the road to discovering their true purpose. 




In 2019, Kelly graduated from the Wellstreams Program for Spiritual Direction, part of the Spirituality Network, in Columbus, OH.  As a Spiritual Director, Kelly sits with a directee and practices the art of deep listening and reflection. She is present as they “travel” on the inner journey to explore and deepen their relationship with the divine. This practice allows them to tell their story through the lens of the sacred while cultivating greater spiritual awareness and nurturing life attuned to the divine.




Kelly is a Health and Wellness Coach and is a member of the International Health and Wellness Professional Coaches Association. As a health and wellness professional, Kelly uses the wellness 360 approaches to coaching, as she believes that a balanced life it’s critical because when one area of life is out of balance, it affects the whole. Kelly combines all aspects of her coaching, took it in conjunction with health and wellness coaching to provide a complete 360 package for her clients.


How Professional Coaching Helps

Finding your true purpose and path is a deeply personal, healing, and often spiritual experience. It takes time and intention, and it can feel incredibly vulnerable – raw even. Professional coaching services can contribute significantly to your personal development process by adding:

Objectivity & Privacy

Friends and family mean well, and can be a great support system. But they also come with their own opinions, history, and agenda. It can be essential to have a professional coach who is not bringing their own baggage along on your journey. Privacy matters too. It can be extremely liberating not to worry about judgments and questions as you work through your process.

Discipline & Focus

Your one-to-one session is all about you, and your relationship with those around you, including, in many cases, the divine. Working one-to-one allows for concentrated focus and continuity across multiple sessions. Your professional coach brings specific methods that help you through the process.

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