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Kelly Richey is not only an award-winning blues musician, poet/songwriter and guitar teacher; she is also a life coach, writing facilitator, spiritual director, and inspirational speaker. She has made and continues to make her mark on the world through the power of her voice – both figuratively and literally. After a lifetime spent sharing the power of her musical artistry, Kelly’s journey and personal transformation, lead her to the healing arts. Now with over a decade of experience, she is committed to supporting groups and individuals on their path towards wholeness.

In 2009, Kelly officially began her journey as a life coach with certifications as a Dream Coach and True Purpose Coach. This is where she was finally able to start on a path that had been calling her for so long – coaching and the healing arts. Over the past ten years she has worked to expand her training and deepen her experience in these fields.

In 2015, she graduated the WWf(a)C Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy and began to weave creative writing practices into her coaching and healing arts practice. Expanding on her years of experience as a touring artist, Kelly founded Women Writing for (a) Change + Mobile, an affiliate school that takes the WWf(a)C circle practices wherever she goes. Kelly’s unique writing programs will help you to strengthen your spiritual core while exploring the power of self-care. These programs invite you on a journey to a greater sense of purpose and self-worth. Using Women Writing for (a) Change® practices, you will focus on writing both during and outside of class as a means of discovery and affirmation of who we, as individuals, truly are.

In 2019, Kelly completed her training in the Art of Spiritual Direction at Wellstreams, through the Spirituality Network in Columbus, OH.  Through this work, she practices the deep, healing art of listening and reflection. She is present with directees as they “travel” on the inner journey to explore and deepen their relationship with the divine. It was through this work that inspired Kelly to become a Health and Wellness Professional; a program Kelly credits with reviving her own journey to self-care and balance. Trained by the International Association for Wellness Professionals, Kelly works with clients, using the Wellness 360 approach, to help them achieve a balanced, holistic life.

Fast forward to today, after two years of development, Kelly has teamed up with Tamara White and established Self-Care Providers as a home for her Healing Arts practices.  Self-Care Providers offer programs that foster professional development, motivation, and mindfulness practices for groups and individuals alike. Kelly incorporates elements of her life coaching, spiritual direction, and her own inspirational journey.

Developed and delivered with the support of Nurse Practitioner and Registered Yoga Teacher Tamara White, the Power of Self-Care Lunch & Learn program is CEU-eligible and offers simple, healthy, compassionate practices for busy, burnt-out and stressed employees.

Today Kelly continues enjoying her first passion of teaching, playing, and recording music, in addition to her well-established work in the Healing-Arts. A passionate performer, presenter, facilitator, and one-on-one coach, please visit Kelly’s website to find out more about how you can work with her and enjoy her music.


Kelly holds several life-coaching, personal, and spiritual development certifications, including:

Certified True Purpose Coach™ and True Purpose Coach Group Leader™
Certified Dream Coach™ and Dream Coach Group Leader™
Certified Facilitator, Women Writing for (a) Change®
Trained in Parts Work, Voice Dialogue, and Shadow Work
Spiritual Director, trained at Wellstreams Spirituality Network, in Columbus, OH, and a member of Spiritual Directors International (SDI)
Health and Wellness Professional, and a member of the International Association for Wellness Professionals




After years of experience working one-on-one with students, presenting workshops and delivering assembly programs, Kelly decided to begin training to become a life coach in 2008. She began her journey by taking 18 months off the road and devoting herself to a life of total sobriety. During this period of intense personal growth and development, she realized that if she was going to truly help others, she would first have to help herself.  Seeing the world with new clarity, she went on to gain her certification as a Dream Coach and Dream Coach Group Leader, helping clients to identify their dreams and supporting their actions to turn them into reality. 

Kelly used her training as a Dream Coach to help redefine her own life goals, realizing that she had mistaken her talent for her purpose—your talent is what you do, and your purpose is why you do it.  Following her newfound inspiration, she began training in San Francisco, where she was introduced to Tim Kelly and the True Purpose Institute. In 2009, she began training to become a True Purpose Coach, later becoming trained in Voice Dialogue in 2010.

When Kelly returned to her career as a touring musician, in 2011, she did so at a pace that would allow her to not only complete her own certifications but also launch her own personalized coaching practice, Powered by Intention.  As Kelly was completing her certification as a True Purpose Coach, she was honored to be part of the team that developed the True Purpose Group Leader Certification Program. A firm believer in the importance of self-improvement, she continued to expand her education and eventually gained certifications as a Certified Dream Coach, Dream Coach Group Leader, True Purpose Coach, and True Purpose Coach Group Leader. Kelly also helped to design the curriculum for the True Purpose Group Coach certification, for the True Purpose Institute, founded by Tim Kelley.  For over a decade, Kelly has enjoyed working as a life coach, with small groups, and one-on-one with clients in person and via video Skype.

As a life coach, Kelly helps clients find their path into wholeness and discover how to deal with the obstacles that get in their way. These focused sessions are rich with insight and inspiration. Kelly applies her dynamic style, thoughtful intensity, and structured approach to provide a safe yet challenging space for clients to move past their comfort zone and explore new possibilities on the road to discovering their true purpose.     




An avid writer since childhood, despite her lifelong struggles with dyslexia, Kelly Richey has developed her own methods to overcome this debilitating problem and has kept extensive handwritten journals since her teens. In 2012, Kelly released a poetry collection, Whisperings: A Collection of Poems from Blues Guitarist Kelly Richey. Richey’s poems deal with finding one’s truest self, relationship struggles, survival, the ups and downs of life, vulnerability, found and lost love, heartache, longing spirituality, passion, and hope.  The book is a special collection of 89 writings (including a companion spoken-word CD), highlighting Richey’s highly personal poems selected from thousands of journaled writings spanning three decades.

As her confidence as a poet and writer soared, Kelly Richey also began to develop her songwriting voice on a deeper level, as reflected in her 2013 CD release, “Sweet Spirit,” and her 2015 release “Shakedown Soul.” While writing the material for “Shakedown Soul,”  

As Kelly’s love for writing continued to blossom, she completed her training through the Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy (CFLA) and became a certified writing facilitator and affiliate for the Cincinnati nonprofit group Women Writing for (a) Change in 2015. Inspired by that experience, Richey became an affiliate and established Women Writing for (a) Change + Mobile and developed a series of creative writing programs, A Piece of Paper Always Listens, Celebrating Our Struggles, (co-created with Karen Novak) which she presents in workshops, writing circles, school programs, and her private coaching sessions. These programs can be delivered in-person and online. 

As a writing facilitator, Kelly delivers writing programs focused on healing and self-reflection. Her programs teach you how to take control of your narrative, rewriting your story to lead a more peaceful and harmonious life.  The first step is shifting focus from your imperfections to the gifts that make you – you. Kelly then demonstrates how to cultivate powerful daily self-care practices that are easily implemented and can have astonishing results.  She goes on to analyze how to find beauty in suffering and we can use it to grow into the best versions our ourselves.




In 2016, Kelly entered into a three-year program in the Art of Spiritual Direction at Wellstreams, a part of the Spirituality Network, in Columbus, OH.  During this time, she experienced the greatest transformation in her life. Her love for contemplative studies allowed her the time and space for reflection, where she decided to transition from a life of constant touring to a life where meaning and purpose were her central focus.

In the role of Spiritual Director, Kelly sits with a directee and practices the art of deep listening and reflection. She is present as they “travel” on the inner journey to explore and deepen their relationship with the divine. This practice allows them to tell their story through the lens of the sacred while cultivating greater spiritual awareness and nurturing life attuned to the divine.         





After years of hard living on the road, embracing self-care was one Kelly’s greatest challenges. Her commitment to her own self-care, as well as helping others develop these practices inspired her to seek training as a health and wellness coach through the International Health and Wellness Professional Coaches Association. As a health and wellness professional, Kelly uses the wellness 360 approaches to coaching, as she believes that a balanced life is critical because when one area of life is out of balance, it affects the whole. Kelly combines all aspects of her coaching, taken in conjunction with health and wellness coaching to provide a complete 360 package for her clients.

Self-Care Providers

In 2018, Kelly Richey and Nurse Practitioner and Registered Yoga Teacher Tamara White, joined forces to create a business that focused on teaching people about the importance of self-care. And early 2019, they launched Self-Care Providers.  As Self-Care Providers, they believe that “The Best Health-Care is Self-Care!” Their programs foster wellness, professional development, motivation and mindfulness for groups in the workplace or other community venues. Kelly incorporates elements of her life coaching, spiritual direction, and her own inspirational journey.

Tamara White helps people to understand the “50 / 50 Rule”– the first 50 years of our lives are genetics and the second 50 years of our lives are based on how we’ve taken care of ourselves. With 30 years of experience, there is an increasing number of people entering into nursing home facilities in their 50s and 60s– earlier in her profession, this was unheard of… Tamara’s mission is to help people understand the importance of self-care and how self-care really is the best form of healthcare that any of us have access to. “the best healthcare is self-care…”

Self-Care Provider’s success comes from the perfect pairing of Tamara and Kelly’s unique life experiences.  Tamara has been a healthcare professional for years, while Kelly has a lifetime’s worth of creative experiences to draw from.  Their combined wisdom and compassion make them a powerful team, providing an equally powerful experience.

Their Power of Self-Care Lunch & Learn, is CEU-eligible, and offers simple, healthy, compassionate practices for busy, burnt-out and stressed employees.  They are for lunch and learns, half-day and full day workshops, and a six-part series for individuals and organizations that wish to go deeper and establish self-care practices that work!

One Breath, One Stretch, One Affirmation…at a time!




Whether you’re seeking inspiration to achieve more, fear less, challenge the status quo or find a more meaningful path, Kelly’s easy humor and comforting humility will welcome you in and help you find what you’ve been looking for.

Kelly’s story is a remarkable one, filled with struggles and triumphs.  Her natural gift for sharing her hard-earned wisdom resonates powerfully with audiences because she knows exactly where they are coming from.  She’s been where they sit. She knows how the struggle feels, and she also knows the impact of receiving guidance and motivation in the healing process.

Her personal stories of adversity, opportunity, and recognizing her life’s purpose serve as powerful examples, demonstrating that when you accept yourself and embrace your gifts in whatever form they come, you have the potential to change the world for yourself and others alike.

An inspirational speaker, Kelly shares her own story, reads from her work, and performs original music on guitar. She shares her story of overcoming learning disabilities, living her dream as a professional musician and sharing her passion for learning as a guitar instructor. Kelly has claimed and maintained her sobriety, and after years of experience, spiritual growth and personal development, she works as a life coach with individuals and in communities, inspiring and helping others to do the same.

Inspirational Talk Topics: Power of Self-Care, Mental Health & Wellness, My Journey: Struggles, Gifts & Dreams


Kelly Richey’s life and work has been defined by her unwavering commitment to personal growth through honesty, creativity, and love.  Whether as a life coach, spiritual guide, or public speaker, her passion for helping people find harmony and peace allows her to connect deeply with her clients while remaining committed to personal growth.

In the years preceding her health and wellness practice, Kelly lived the life of a touring musician.  As one of the hardest working women in Blues Rock, she wrote, recorded, and performed with some of the best musicians in the Midwest, touring the country and thrilling audiences with her powerful voice and larger than life stage persona.  While she remains passionate about her music, her focus has since shifted to make her healing arts practice the center of her attention- for now.  Kelly continues sharing the stories and lessons learned from her years of experience gathered from the long and winding roads she has traveled.

Just as you’d expect from the “Queen of the Road Warriors,” Kelly Richey never stands still very long. Kelly continues to play live with the Spear Shakers and is currently in the studio working with Tobe Donohue, recording Trip-Hop inspired Ambient music that soothes the soul through sound.  Sound creation and guitar exploration are at the heart of Richey’s artistic musical expression and help to feed her soul.  New material is scheduled for release through 2020—stay tuned for release information at music.kellyrichey.com.

To find out more about Kelly’s multifaceted life and passions, please visit the following websites:


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