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THE HEALING ARTS | Group Programs

Power of Self Care is a refreshing and instructive Lunch & Learn that incorporates a series of activities and practices designed to provide participants with a toolkit to take away with them and to apply in their daily lives.

The program includes: Centering activities (meditation, breath), The Case for Self Care, Your Self Care Toolkit: Self Care for the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Power of Self-Care Lunch & Learns

From knowing or discovering what’s important to creating time and space to dream, self care – even radical self care – is at the core of our programs. Kelly’s Self Care Lunch & Learn program fosters wellness, professional development, motivation and mindfulness for groups in the workplace or other community venues. She incorporates elements of her life coaching, spiritual direction, and her own inspirational journey. Developed and delivered with the support of Nurse Practitioner and Registered Yoga Teacher Tamara White, the Power of Self Care Lunch & Learn program is CEU-eligible, and offers simple, healthy, compassionate practices for busy, burnt-out and stressed employees.

One Breath, One Stretch, One Affirmation…at a time.

Restorative Workshops

Restorative workshops are customized immersive full-and half-day group sessions that incorporate various aspects of life coaching, inspirational topics, and self-care. They are perfect for those interested in enhancing work-life balance, team building, compassion, and general wellbeing of participants.

We create the ultimate atmosphere for an introspective, empowering, refreshing experience. Tamara White (RYT 200) joins Kelly to deliver the self-care workshops, using gentle yoga practices that focus on relaxation, renewal, and effortlessness. These practices help soothe your nervous system, help quiet your mind and invite you to release deeply held tension.

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What to Expect in a Restorative Workshop

Self-Care Providers offer compassionate, life-enhancing, fun, and fulfilling workshops that serve respite from the daily stress that life can bring. These workshops incorporate elements of health & wellness, personal development, yoga, breathing and varies mindfulness practices, journaling, and other forms of self-care. You do not need to be experienced in any of these components– our workshops are designed to meet each person’s need. We always meet you where you are.

We create the ultimate atmosphere for a reflective, empowering, and refreshing experience. Life coach, wellness professional, and spiritual director, Kelly Richey, help people to identify their main challenge, define their desired outcome, reframe their current struggles, and envision their life with an achievable and sustainable, daily self-care practice. Nurse practitioner and yoga instructor, Tamara White, joins Kelly in delivering restorative workshops, using gentle yoga practices that focus on relaxation and renewal. You will learn simple exercises that help soothe your nervous system, help quiet your mind, and invite you to release deeply held tension. As a healthcare professional, Tamara shares practical ways to overcome burnout in the workplace and at home.

These workshops provide participants with a simple yet powerful “Self-Care Toolkit,” that uses one-minute exercises that can be done throughout your day. You’ll discover how small steps can lead to big results– one breath, one affirmation, one stretch, one minute…at a time.


Sample Workshop Structure and Themes

We work with you to develop a program that will best serve you and your group. We deliver half-day and full-day restorative workshops at healthcare facilities, corporations, yoga studios, churches, and community facilities. We start with common themes and work with you to hone both messages and outcomes. Core themes offered include: The Power of Self-Care, Learning to Love Ourselves, Daily Self-Care is an Act of Love, What Do Our Stories Tell, Embodying the Sacred in Our Lives, Living Our Dreams, and Carrying Our Light Into the World.



In 2015, Kelly completed her training through the Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy to become a writing facilitator for Women Writing for (a) Change. Kelly went on to become an affiliate, founding Women Writing for (a) Change + Mobile, where she takes writing programs into communities where ever she travels.  As a writing facilitator, Kelly delivers writing programs on healing and self-reflection. Her writing programs: The Power of Self-Care, Celebrating Our Struggles, and A Piece of Paper Always Listens, are offered to individuals and groups, and can be delivered in-person and online.  

Celebrating Our Struggles

Strengthen your spiritual core, explore the power of self-care, and discover a greater sense of purpose and self-worth during this six-week class. We will focus on writing during and outside of class as we learn to locate the sacred in all that life brings.



School Programs

Kelly struggled in school with dyslexia, which fueled reading difficulties and low self-esteem. As a result, she has a special affinity for helping struggling students recognize and share their unique stories through her school program, “A Piece of Paper Always Listens.”

Renowned singer-songwriter Kelly Richey’s dyslexia was undiagnosed during her school years, which made reading very difficult and presented many challenges and obstacles, most notably when it came to self-esteem. Today, she helps students cope with the challenges she worked through, teaching and inspiring them to overcome their own obstacles through creative self-expression.



Building Self-Esteem Through The Creative Arts
Curriculum: Creative Writing, English/Language Arts, Music, Social & Cultural Connections


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