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THE HEALING ARTS | Writing Workshops

Through Women Writing for (a) Change (WWf(a)C) in Cincinnati and as the WWf(a)C +Mobile Affiliate outside of Cincinnati, Kelly facilitates Celebrating Our Struggles® a six-part Writing Workshop that helps participants explore the power of changing their lives through narrative, taking a journey to a greater sense of purpose and worth.

Writing is one of the most intimate and direct ways to get to know yourself and to find your own voice to express yourself to others. It starts with who you are and stays there for a while. Eventually, writing allows you to connect to others in an authentic and powerful way.

Writing is an end to itself, and it is an essential means to the end of self-care and human connection. With that in mind, Kelly pioneered her signature concept Celebrating Our Struggles® in partnership with Women Writing for (a) Change.

What is Women Writing for (a) Change

For more than 25 years, Women Writing for (a) Change® has provided a safe and non-competitive environment for individuals to develop their writing skills, cultivate their creativity and strengthen their voices. Although most classes are for women or young women, occasional classes include men and boys.

Women Writing for (a) Change® offers supportive writing circles to nurture and celebrate the individual voice. Classes encourage self-expression through the art of writing and other creative processes. In writing circles and specialty classes, participants explore and work in a variety of genres, including journal-writing, poetry, prose, essay, song-writing, fiction, and more.

At WWf(a)C, writers, whether first-timers or the more experienced, find community, connection and meaningful conversation within Writing Circles. WWf(a)C encourages writing as a process of self-discovery and self-expression—a celebration of the individual voice. Classes provide a unique setting in which honoring each other’s words enriches participants’ lives.


WWCBanner-3-LOGOWomen Writing for (a) Change + Mobile

Kelly Richey became a writing facilitator at Women Writing for (a) Change in 2015. In 2018she launched Women Writing for (a) Change + Mobile. WWf(a)C + Mobile is part of a national network of writing schools that provide opportunities for individuals to develop a greater sense of consciousness in their lives through the art of writing and the practices of community building. Through WWf(a)C +Mobile, Kelly helps individuals and groups to discover their unique voice, creative gifts, and talents.


 Celebrating our Struggles: a WWf(a)C Six Week Course

Strengthen your spiritual core while exploring the power of changing your life through narrative and being heard for what you truly have to say. This six-week class invites you on a journey to a greater sense of purpose and worth through telling your story to others.
We will look at strategies for revising that story so that it best serves your growth toward the person you want to become. Through varied writing experiences, readings and discussions, we will use Women Writing for (a) Change practices to help us locate the sacred in difficult circumstances. Join us for the adventure into better knowing ourselves.

Contact Kelly or check the Events Calendar to find out about the next 6-week course at WWf(A)C or to schedule a WWf(a)C +Mobile program.