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Self Care Programs: Workshops & Retreats

Self Care programs delivered through lunch & learns, workshops and retreats can be a wonderful way to extend individual development to a team dynamic and peer learning. They can help people recognize where they might benefit from digging in further on an individual basis. Additionally, they can raise understanding and compassion among group members

Kelly offers custom group self care programs to foster wellness, professional development, motivation and mindfulness for groups in various settings of your choice. She incorporates elements of her other programming, including life coaching, spiritual direction, and her own inspirational journey through her music career, her challenges, and her life’s purpose.

The Value in Group Programs on Self Care

Often delivered in partnership with other highly-credentialed healing professionals, these group programs offer respite from the daily stress life can bring, and encourage connection among group members as well as within each individual. They may include practices like journaling, yoga, meditation, music, and interaction with other participants to enhance the learning process.

Self Care Programs Offered

Self Care Lunch & Learn Sessions

We bring this programming to your workplace to offer simple, healthy, compassionate practices for busy, burnt-out and stressed employees. Developed and delivered in partnership with Nurse Practitioner and Registered Yoga Instructor Tamara White, the Power of Self-Care group sessions are CEU-eligible.


Restorative Workshops & Mindfulness Retreats

These customized, immersive self care programs incorporate various aspects of life coaching, inspirational topics, yoga, mindfulness and self-care. They are perfect for groups of any size interested in enhancing work-life balance, team building, compassion, motivation, and general wellbeing of participants.


Writing Workshops

Through Women Writing for (a) Change and as the Women Writing for (a) Change Mobile affiliate, Kelly facilitates Celebrating Our Struggles®, a six-part Writing Workshop that helps participants explore the power of changing their lives through narrative, taking a journey to a greater sense of purpose and worth.


School Programs

Kelly struggled in school with dyslexia, which fueled reading difficulties and low self-esteem. As a result, she has a special affinity for helping struggling students recognize and share their unique stories through her school program, “A Piece of Paper Always Listens.”