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Self-Care Providers: The Power of Self-Care 6-Part Series

“The Power of Self-Care Six-Part Series” is a program offered as Add-Ons to Lunch & Learns, Half-Day, and Full-Day, presented by the Self-Care Providers.

We work with you to develop a program that will best serve you and your group. We deliver half-day and full-day restorative workshops at healthcare facilities, corporations, yoga studios, churches, and community facilities. We start with universal themes and work with you to hone both messages and outcomes. Core themes offered include:Self Care Providers

The Power of Self-Care:

Part 1 – Learning to Love Ourselves
Part 2 – Self Care – Is an Act of Love
Part 3 – What Do Our Stories Have to Say
Part 4 – Our Gifts Are Sacred Treasures
Part 5 – Living Into Our Dreams
Part 6 – I Carry My Light into the World

The Power of Self-Care 6-Part Series – promotional video:

Note: This six-part series can be delivered to large groups and small groups.  The format can be tailored for team building or individual personal growth. Facilitation can be led through breakout groups, pair shares, journaling, or in intimate settings, using Women Writing for (a) Change, writing circle principles. Self-care focus points can also include nutrition, yoga, essential oils, life purpose, and creative development.

Power of Self Care Program

Power of Self-Care is a refreshing and instructive Lunch & Learn that incorporates a series of activities and practices designed to provide participants with a toolkit to take away with them and to apply in their daily lives.

The program includes: Centering activities (meditation, breath), The Case for Self Care, Your Self-Care Toolkit: Self-Care for the Mind, Body, and Spirit.