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Who’s First on Your List?

Why do so many of us so often take care of everyone else and everything else but leave ourselves behind? We all struggle to find ways to put ourselves on our own to-do list, to take care of ourselves, and to mine those gifts that each one of us has. Whether in big ways or small, the self-care challenge is real for most people at some point in their lives.



Affirmations & Daily Practice

Setting out to address the self-care challenge, we start by really learning to look for our gifts, those things that we can love about ourselves. From those gifts, we begin to create affirmations that take us through each week and help us build internal strength. We also develop daily self-care practices as we learn to view ourselves as sacred.



Self Care and Your Story

With affirmations and a daily self-care routine, we are better prepared to step back and look at the narrative that we’re using for our lives from a new perspective. How do we describe ourselves? What is our story? How can we begin to shift, maybe, the story that we tell about ourselves in a way that tackles the self-care challenge head-on?



The Role of Dreams

And finally, we can take a step further to look at our life and be able to dream. When thinking about dreams as part of the answer to the self-care challenge, it’s important to acknowledge them as part of our journey, not this destination – not something we can fail at. NOW, how do we take our gifts into the world?



Full Circle with the Self-Care Challenge

Building affirmations each week, developing daily self-care practices and supporting each other in doing that are at the core of facing the challenge. That includes acknowledging the struggles we face. Some people have heavy struggles, from throughout their life, growing up, maybe they’re facing something that’s very difficult in their life right now, or maybe it’s just you trying put yourself first and create balance in your life.

Wherever it is that you are on the spectrum, holding yourself accountable TO yourself for Self Care is healing, healthy, powerful and transformative. Here’s a quick video to recap:



Let’s continue or start YOUR journey toward Self Care.

If you’re already on the journey, let this blog serve as a reminder and support of your process. If you’re not, I’d love to help you get started. There may still be time to register for the next class. Here are some options for you:

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