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Finding Your Muse – Celebrating Our Struggles – Part 6 of 6

Your Muse is the part of you where inspiration and creativity flow though. It is the gateway between your inner passions and the exterior world, and how your dreams and purpose find their voice. When you focus on finding your muse, you clear the way to carry your light into the world.

Carrying Your Light into the World by Finding Your Muse

Finding your Muse – and keeping it present in your life – is part of your daily radical self-care practice. Even if your Inner Critic still breaks through – and it will – listening to your Muse can help keep you focused on the gifts and other positive things that help you and others thrive. That means you are staying out of your own way, and instead, finding inspiration within your Sacred Self.

In the course of teaching, I often share a story about the Nashville songwriter who insisted on going to his writing studio every day. He worried that if he wasn’t there when his Muse stopped by, the chance would slip away to the next songwriter. In this instance, he was treating his Muse as something external with precious and rare gifts to share. The truth is that although your Muse is on the inside, it’s still possible to miss those moments if you’re not there, ready, receptive, and open to the gifts being offered.


Finding Your Muse in the First Place

Finding your Muse is not always easy. It can be elusive, or sometimes you’re just not looking in the right place. Try this simple personal writing exercise to get more in tune with this creative force by answering the following:

  1. Where do you go for inspiration?
  2. How does your Muse show up in your life?
  3. Write a letter to your Muse.
  4. Have your Muse write a letter to you.


Checking in with Your Muse

Finding your Muse can feel powerful – exhilarating even. But sometimes it seems to slip away without notice, or even as if it might be hiding. When that happens, take out the pen and paper to answer a few more questions:

  1. What is the Muse trying to tell you?
  2. What role does the Muse play in your life?
  3. Where does the Muse go when I can’t find it?
  4. When/where did you last see it?


What’s Next After Finding Your Muse?

You’ve made your way through all six steps in the Celebrating Our Struggles Series!

Now that you’ve taken this journey of learning to love yourself, practicing doing so with an open heart and a willingness to try, think about these important questions:

  • What beauty and wisdom have you found?
  • What gifts have you discovered or stopped hiding, disowning, or hijacking?

Now, as you look at the mirror, try to be fully present WITH yourself, embracing yourself with compassion and non-judgment, with grace, and without shame.  Embrace any thoughts of imperfection, and then let them go, knowing that there IS only one “YOU,” and learning to love yourselves IS one of the bravest things YOU will ever do!


Let’s continue or start YOUR healing journey.

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