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Living Your Dreams – Celebrating Our Struggles – Part 5 of 6

Living your dreams is all about finding joy and fulfillment each-and-every day. It can include accomplishment but is not defined by that. If you accept this premise that your dreams are a journey, not a destination, does it change what and how you dream?

There are two important steps to living your dreams: knowing what they are and recognizing when you’re in them. In addition, you also must take care of one major hurdle: getting out of your own way. Often, we talk ourselves out of living our dreams. It can feel like life gets in the way. Even more commonly, it’s fear and insecurity that stops us cold. We listen over and over to the old tapes that play in our heads, and our Inner Critic saying; “you can’t do that!” And, “what will people think?”

It’s important to get into the right mindset to pursue living your dreams. It has a major impact on where you invest your energy. Will it be in old stories of how you were broken, what you were robbed of, what you lost or was taken, mistakes that you made, the hand that you were dealt? Or will you invest your precious energy in cultivating the gifts and treasures that you have in the process of living your dreams?

To Live Your Dreams, You Must First Identify Them.

If you haven’t thought about it lately, or even if you have, take the important step of taking stock of your dreams. A piece of paper always listens, and that makes it an excellent place to kickstart your dreams. Pick up a journal or just a notebook, take a break, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and write to any of these prompts:

  • If your dreams were a journey and not a destination, what would you dream?
  • Pick one dream that inspires you the most and write about it.
  • What dreams do you still dream from when you were young?
  • What dreams have you let go of? Have they let go of you?

Once you’ve written them down, take the time to reflect on your answers. Do any of them surprise you? Do they describe a journey that will be joyful and fulfilling? How far from your current life does the prospect of “living your dreams” feel? This is a good time to be on the lookout for that negative self-talk from the ever-resilient inner critic.

When you take control of the conversation, you begin taking control and responsibility for the choices you make. As a result, your gifts and our treasures start to emerge; and these gifts and treasures are what your dreams are made of.

What It Looks Like to Live Your Dreams: Being Present 

Take a deep breath and contemplate what your life would look like if you actually were living your dreams. Our minds need a destination point; it’s how we’re wired!  As I contemplated this, I was hit by a question: how do we turn the journey itself into the destination? And I had my answer. The one most powerful destination to represent a journey is the present: to be here, right now, fully present in this moment and time! 

Living in the present moment is to be awake when we dream and living in the past or worrying about the future, is like being asleep to our dreams. Take some time to consider how you will recognize when you are wide awake living your dreams in the present moment, any given day. Ask yourself:

  • Am I present, or am I on autopilot? Am I navigating my own journey? 
  • Do I know where I’m headed and do I realize that I have the power to change direction or route at any time? 
  • Am I listening to the bad advice of the Inner Critic instead of the GPS of my dreams? 

When you recognize your dreams and practice being present, you make space to explore your gifts instead of struggling to maintain boundaries. Living your dreams in the present can give birth to meaning and purpose in life.  

Connecting Celebration of Struggles with Living Your Dreams

From quieting the Inner Critic to recognizing that dreams are a destination instead of a journey, the struggles we embrace instead of enduring become an important part of the process. They teach us what makes us unique, and even how strong we are. Writing that all down can help crystallize it to the point where we can start to create a new conversation with ourselves on a new life journey.

Living Your Dreams forms the core of part five of the six-part Celebrating Our Struggles series.


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