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Celebrating Our Struggles

This year marks ten years on my personal healing journey. My original dream, which had become a nightmare, is a dream that I reclaimed. This has been my greatest challenge—finding “Kelly,” the person, not the artist. With each layer of the onion that was peeled off, there were more layers to be discovered. Healing is not for the faint of heart, but it’s through celebrating out struggles and healing that our greatest gifts are revealed and our heart becomes strong.

Early on, I was introduced to affirmations. The thought of speaking anything positive about myself felt ridiculous. Positive affirmations were one of the many things on my long list of “self-help” that I tried but never seemed to work, yet one thing I couldn’t deny was the fact that negative affirmations had worked brilliantly.

How Writing Positive Affirmations Changed My Game

In 2015, I became a writing facilitator for Women Writing for (a) Change. Writing was a dream that has been with me for a lifetime—I’m dyslexic, I’ve written my entire life yet never felt worthy of calling myself a writer. I’ve learned that you don’t have to be a “writer” to write, and I’ve learned that a piece of paper always listens! There’s a big component of Women Writing for (a) Change that incorporates writing positive affirmations. When we write, and share, and sit with it together, there is something special that happens – we start to believe in our own truths and possibilities.

Sharing the Process of Writing Positive Affirmations, and Other Important Practices

This week marks the start of my second “Celebrating Our Struggles” six-week series, at Women Writing for (a) Change, in Cincinnati. Through this series, we embrace positive self-talk, practice writing positive affirmations, and develop daily self-care practices. We become friends and build a strong partnership with our Inner Critic and begin the process of rewriting our story based on healing vs the wounds we’ve allowed to define us. We will begin to shift our relationship with our dreams and start looking at them as a journey instead of a destination, and through the process of looking “for” ourselves instead of “at” ourselves, we identify the unique light that we have to carry into this world.

This writing process is the same process I’ve used to heal and to reclaim my dreams, my purpose, and ultimately, my life. The writing circle, a signature of Women Writing for (a) Change, gives people a safe space to listen to their own voice, to write as a way of healing and discovery, and to be heard.

Your Turn to Practice, Celebrate and Heal

If you live in the greater Cincinnati area and are interested in taking this class, there are still a few spots open, but the class is limited to 12 women.


For those of you interested that do not live in the area, as an affiliate of WWf(a)C, I will be holding an online version of this series in the coming months—if you sign up for my mailing list, I will keep you posted on dates.

Thank you for reading, and I hope that my story helps to encourage you or someone you know, that it’s possible to celebrate our struggles, embrace the gifts that they have to offer and shift to not only writing positive affirmations but also believing and living them every day.