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If you know me, it’s probably as a guitar player, singer, songwriter, or a guitar instructor. Did you know that I’m also a life coach? I help people find meaning and purpose in life, and to heal. I do that through sharing my own story and focusing on dreams and purpose. It’s helpful to frame up what those words really mean, and how they help us on our life’s journey.

The Meaning and Role of Dreams

People have always said, “Kelly, you’re lucky to have a dream, and to have pursued it.” And there’s a lot of truth to that. But, for a long time, I viewed my dream as having a destination point. And I was in relentless pursuit, thinking “once I accomplish this, then I’ll find happiness.” Over time, I began to lose my passion for that thing that I loved most. And, there were other things that I had dreamed of doing too, but the pursuit of the first dream was in the way of the next.

As wonderful as it was to have a dream, I learned the hard way that dreams don’t have a destination point. They’re a journey. Finally, I began to shift my relationship with my dreams, and allow myself to look at those things in my life that brought me happiness. I began to pursue them not as something I had to accomplish, but rather as something to enhance my experience and reveal my purpose.

What about my other dreams beyond music? Writing is something I had always wanted to do, and I was afraid to say that out loud because I was dyslexic. I never felt good enough. Once I realized that the dream had a role instead of a being goal, I finally embraced it, and I became a writing facilitator at Women Writing for (a) Change. That’s been one of my greatest accomplishments.

The Meaning of Purpose

If dreams are what make us happy and bring meaning to life, what is the relationship between dreams and purpose? Dreams help us discover our passions and talents. Our purpose is what we do with our talents. It’s what we’re most designed to do and to be when we explore those gifts that we have, especially the ones we love.

Inspiration for what to do, and sometimes how, comes from our dreams, and purpose provides the reason why we do it. I thought that my life’s purpose must be being an artist. I had mistaken my talent for my purpose. How do I apply that talent? What impact does it have in the world? My purpose is to help others uncover those things that inspire them, and what might be holding them back from living their dreams, passion, and purpose.

Continuing the Conversation on Dreams and Purpose

I hope some of these things inspire you. You can hear more of the story on this 5½-minute video on dreams and purpose. Take a look, and let’s start a conversation. Please be sure to find me on my YouTube Channel, Facebook or LinkedIn to share some thoughts on dreams you could explore more if you change your perspective and get some other things out of the way.