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From Negative Self-Talk to Positive Affirmation

Do you ever look in the mirror and all you see all your imperfections? Maybe you see imperfections in the way you look, or perhaps it’s in who you feel like you’ve become. Have you ever wondered where that person went that you once use to know, or have you struggled...

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Celebrating Our Struggles and Writing Positive Affirmations

This year marks ten years on my personal healing journey. My original dream, which had become a nightmare, is a dream that I reclaimed. This has been my greatest challenge—finding “Kelly,” the person, not the artist. With each layer of the onion that was peeled off,...

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The Power of Dreams and Purpose

If you know me, it’s probably as a guitar player, singer, songwriter, or a guitar instructor. Did you know that I’m also a life coach?. I help people find meaning and purpose in life, and to heal. I do that through sharing my own story and focusing on dreams and...

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