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Kelly Richey is Powered by Intention in both music and the healing arts. She is a certified life coach, spiritual director, workshop facilitator and inspirational speaker. Her practices, guidance and example are deeply rooted in her experiences as an award-winning blues musician, songwriter/poet, guitar teacher, and resilient master of the many struggles that are instrumental in both her personal journey and her healing message for others.

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Finding your true path and living your purpose is a deeply personal, healing, and often spiritual experience. It can take a challenging and supportive external voice to help us find and hear our own powerful internal voice and/or the sacred voice of the divine. Kelly’s personal experiences, along with her extensive training, equip her to support you via focused one-to-one Life Coaching or Spiritual Direction.



Kelly fosters self-care, motivation, mindfulness and compassion for groups in various settings. Often delivered in partnership with other highly-credentialed healing professionals, these sessions offer respite from the daily stress life can bring, and encourage connection among group members as well as with each individual. They may include practices like journaling, yoga, meditation, and music.



Whether you’re seeking inspiration to achieve more, fear less, challenge the status quo, or find a more meaningful path, Kelly draws the audience in close and connects on a personal level with humor, humility, and a soaring spirit. Her personal stories of adversity and opportunity serve as powerful examples, demonstrating that when you accept yourself for your gifts in whatever form they come, you have the potential to change the world for yourself and others alike.

Kelly Richey is one of the hardest-working independent musicians in the music business today.  Kelly has been described as “Stevie Ray Vaughan trapped in a woman’s body.”  The veteran guitar-slinger has covered the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia in her 30-year career.  Fronting her band, Kelly has played over 4,000 shows, logged a mind-boggling 1 million road miles.